Oranges for juice Navel Powell
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Oranges for juice Navel Powell

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Box of juice oranges Navel Powell. Natural oranges grown, freshly picked from our fields.

variedad Variety: Navel Powell
calibre Caliber: Medium
consumo Consumption: Juice
sabor Flavor: Sweet, pleasant
otros Others: Sin semillas
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Navel powell

The tree is vigorous, productive, similar to Lane beats.

The fruit is similar to that of Lane-late but is larger (about 5 mm more in diameter),

greater adherence to the peduncle and firmer texture, so

it can be kept longer on the tree in good commercial condition. The characteristics

internal parts of the fruit (content of juice, sugars, acids, etc.) are also very similar to those of

Lane beats, but the texture of the pulp is coarser (reminiscent of the

navel Thomson) and the juice contains more limonin

(substance that causes the bitter taste of the juice, after a short time

of having been extracted, in most of the varieties of the group

navel), although as its collection is delayed, the amount of

that diminishes until it is imperceptible by the palate.

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