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In Traditional Oranges are dedicated to selling oranges at home, for sale online, you can buy valencia oranges very good quality and very good price. We are a family of Corbera with a citrus experience of over 100 years. All orange production home is located in the Ribera own Júcar between the Mediterranean and the mountains one of the oldest areas of quality and citrus flavors. The weather favors us with good work allows us to obtain high quality oranges, we have also upgraded our changing orange groves blanket the traditional irrigation by drip, which got not wasted on something as precious as this is water. In our hands this work for a quality modern agriculture that respects the environment.

Our goal is that both the client and the farmer gain by removing intermediaries and so the customer wins because they get a Valencia orange with the following requirements:

-Buy Oranges quality because our Online Valencia Oranges have been completely ripened on the tree.

-Natural Oranges because we have not used chemicals in their maturation and to improve skin appearance.

-Fresh Oranges because our process takes 24h orange is collected to his home.

-Our orange on line only collected when it reaches its optimum maturation index.

Oranges Traditional Process:

 naranjas a domicilio

1. Collecting the best orange tree.
2. Deliver the orange box to the carrier 2-3 days
3. Delivery Process your home in 2-3 days oranges.

The business process::

1. Picking oranges from the tree.
2. Delivery in store trade.
3. Cleaning and calibration process.
4. Cold storage.
5. Preservatives and coloring treatment.
6. Packaging process.
7. Selling oranges and oranges sharing distribution warehouses.
8. Sales of oranges and orange cast to shops and supermarkets.
9. Buy Oranges Valencia by the final consumer.