How to buy oranges

You can place your order for oranges, emailing us with your details and your order to or by following these steps :

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1. How online buy oranges by NaranjasTradicionales website ?
Placing an order on Traditional Valencian Oranges is simple.
 1. You must fill your cart by adding the desired products. Pressing add
 Two . Create Account / Log into your account with the email and password
 Three . Choose the payment method
Two . What need to buy ?
 1. Name and address where you want to receive your order of Valencia oranges .
 Two . An email address .
 Three . A mobile phone number or landline to facilitate the delivery of oranges.
Three . Filling, emptying and edit your shopping cart
• To add products click the "Add to cart" .
• To remove products from your basket click on the trash .
• To edit products in your cart, check the basket.
• If the text of any product is inactive . I just do not have it available .
April . Register a customer account, login to your account , if already registered
In order to make any purchases in our online store you must register on our website , or , if you already have an account with us , log in to your client area "Sign In" .
There are two forms that must be filled to the customer record .
In the first we will ask you for your email.
In the second you ask for personal information .
Below mentioned fields must be filled-in .
Attention: You can only register once with the same email.
personal information
1. Name
Two . e-mail
Three . A password with 5 characters minimum
April . Address street address, zip code, city , country, province.
May . A mobile phone in order to contact you
Once all the data, click on the tab " Create Account " and your registration will be formalized to receive e- mail in your e-mail with the details of your data.
Login to your account , if already registered
On every page of our online store you will find a link called " Login" . Click on this link. To login to your account you need :
1. The email you used to register your account
Two . your password
May . Choose the payment of products from your basket

- Credit card through Paypal (Visa , MasterCard ... )
- Paypal Account
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