Oranges at home 2-3 days

Shipping with FedEx-UPS shipping - 2-3 days
Oranges at home
The transport their Valencia Oranges
Orders are sent, depending on our shipping schedule.
If you provide a phone number mobile, sms receive a transport company to inform delivery of oranges to your home. For shipping outside of Spain shipping charges will apply depending on the destination country.
The shipping usually take 2-3 days, the best day to send out of Spain is on Monday so that you receive them so recently caught on Wednesday or Thursday.
For shipping outside of Spain only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays to ensure that you arrive fresh orange.

Day performed order ---- output ----    Day Day Delivery
Monday                           Monday        Wednesday-Thursday
Tuesday                         Tuesday        Thursday-Friday
Wednesday                    Monday         Wednesday-Thursday
Thursday                        Monday         Wednesday-Thursday
Friday                             Monday         Wednesday-Thursday
Saturday                        Monday          Wednesday-Thursday
Sunday                          Monday          Wednesday-Thursday

  Internet oranges * Orders must be made by 14:00 to enter the corresponding day.

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