What vitamins does the orange have? Know them


Oranges contain vitamin C or L-enantiomer of ascorbic acid is an essential nutrient for mammals . The presence of this vitamin is required for a number of metabolic reactions in all animals and plants and is internally created by almost all organisms , humans being a notable exception.
Its deficiency causes scurvy in humans, hence the name of ascorbic acid is given . Is also widely used as food additive. The pharmacophore of vitamin C is the ascorbate ion . In living organisms , ascorbate is an antioxidant, it protects the body against oxidation , and is a cofactor in many vital enzymatic reactions .
The uses and daily requirement of this vitamin are source of a debate. People who consume diets rich in ascorbic acid from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables are healthier and have lower mortality and fewer chronic diseases.
However, a recent meta-analysis of 68 reliable experiments that used vitamin C supplementation and 232.606 involving individuals , concluded that consuming additional ascorbate from supplements may not be beneficial as previously thought.
Prodiedades :
Properties oranges food .
Help sleeping and feel happier .
An aid in enhancing the orgasm.
A food rich in vitamin C.
Oranges have long been recognized as a very interesting result because it contains vitamin C. A medium orange about 128 gr. contains 58.6 mg of vitamin C , which represents 65 . 2% of the 90 mg daily dose for an adult recommended . Regular consumption of oranges ensures that our daily requirement of vitamin C are almost satisfied .
They are widely known properties of this vitamin . Especially in winter, when the orange trees are in full production of this fruit consumption ensures we colds less severe and of shorter duration. Although vitamin C , contrary to what was thought until recently , does not prevent us to catch colds if it strengthens the body so that the symptoms are less and less time makes us sick.
The orange, a rejuvenating food
We must not forget the importance of this vitamin as an antioxidant in the prevention of many degenerative diseases such as vision loss, cataracts , hypertension or deafness. Oranges are not the elixir for eternal youth but undoubtedly , the presence of a lot of vitamin C along with other antioxidants , such as its high content of vitamin A as beta carotene and lutein , makes it an ideal food for protect the body from many degenerative diseases .
Oranges , along with lemons or grapefruits , have been widely used in the diets of rejuvenation. Besides its high content of vitamin C and other antioxidant components , these fruits are very alkaline , so that help flush toxins from the bloodstream , eliminate uric acid and thin the blood .
Diet orange cure

It is used to mineralize the body, eliminate toxins and purify the blood . This diet is made as lemon diet and has similar properties but is tolerated for some people with sensitive stomachs .
Is to take the juice of an orange diluted in water. Increase the dose gradually , adding an orange daily up to 11 or 12. Reverse the process to get back to a daily orange .
Eat abundant oranges after passing a disease is a good way to promote recovery . Students should introduce this fruit in your diet as food that produces energy and helps them concentrate more on their studies providing better school performance.
It is believed that the orange also helps improve the couple's sex to encourage increased libido . The truth is that vitamin C seems to have a positive effect on all the glands of the body.
Orange protects against cancer.
Oranges are rich in bioflavonoids which have anti-cancer properties recognized . Among them one of the most interesting is hesperidin . The orange is the fruit that contains a higher proportion of hesperidin after lemon. This component , for its protective properties of the capillaries useful for the treatment of varicose veins , or hemorrhoids. It has also been seen that it can inhibit the growth of certain types of cancer cells such as breast or mouth . Others worth mentioning bioflavonoid and orange which is the food that is more contains naringenin . Its properties are similar to hesperidin .
These and other principles , such as the flavonoid also routinely found in orange epicarpo ie the white layer is located between the skin and meat. It is interesting , then, squeeze oranges and drink the liquid where these components. People who do not wish to drink orange juice should know that , in addition to flavonoids, this fruit contains other principles which have been attributed also similar properties and most of them are in the pulp, such as limonene , which provides these fruits their characteristic odor ,
Vitamin C, fiber , limonene, pectin or amino acids such as serine or alanine are known anticancer compounds that can be acquired eating these fruits. The consumption of this fruit is recommended as prevention and treatment of colon cancer , but may be useful in preventing breast cancer .
Oranges are good for circulation
Oranges protect against cardiovascular disease organisms . The reason for this lies both in its ability to lower blood pressure and in its power to prevent thrombus formation in the arteries that would be responsible for numerous strokes. Eating oranges helps improve circulation and protect against heart .
Discussed the ability to reduce low-density cholesterol (LDL ) responsible for poor circulation and one of the determining factors in the onset of vascular diseases . Although hesperidin is able to reduce levels of "bad cholesterol" , it seems that the protective functions of the circulatory system should be more to the orange antiplatelet properties ( ability to thin the blood to prevent the occurrence of thrombi) that its anti-cholesterol properties .
Oranges protect the fetuses of pregnant women .
Oranges contain folic acid (vitamin B9 ) necessary for proper cell function as well as the condition of the heart and nervous system . Pregnant women should eat oranges , since this vitamin protects their fetuses against disease spina bifida , a birth defect caused by improper growth of the baby.
This component is required to not develop megaloblastic anemia , a type of anemia that is caused by lack of this component , to combat depression or to prevent premature graying .
A mineral -rich fruit
Oranges contain enough calcium , necessary for the formation of bones and teeth , and potassium a mineral that is necessary for fluid balance in the body. Is your wealth in potassium, together with its high water content and low sodium level which makes this fruit a very suitable food in the diets for weight loss. The oranges are low in calories , are very diuretic and help remove fluids from the body , so are very suitable for the treatment of obesity and retention.
In addition to calcium and potassium , oranges contain phosphorus balance with calcium which is essential for good cellular health. Lack of iodine can lead to general weakness, bone or muscle weakness , teeth problems , lack of interest or anorexia. Its richness is high in magnesium , which is useful for heart health or good muscle development . Its deficiency may cause immune problems . Its sulfur content guarantees with the help of folic acid, a good healthy nails and hair.
Nutritional information :
Composition of oranges per 100 gr.
Water 86.34 g
Energy 49 kcal
0.30 g fat
Protein 1 , 04 g
Carbohydrates 11.89 g
2.5 g fiber
Potassium 179 mg
Phosphorus 17 mg
iron 0 , 09 mg
0 mg sodium
Magnesium 10 mg
Calcium 40 mg
Phosphorus 17 mg
Copper 0 , 037 mg
Zinc 0 06 mg
Manganese 0 , 025 mcg
Vitamin C 48.5 mg
Vitamin A 230 IU
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine ) 0,087 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin ) 0 , 040 mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin ) 0 , 27 mg
Vitamin B6 ( pyridoxine ) 0 , 063 mg
Vitamin E 0 mg
Folic Acid 39 mcg
Oranges : how to reap its benefits
The sugars in orange juice are absorbed faster than fresh fruit, but this is an easy and enjoyable consumption.
The oranges are high in vitamin C , provide the body with a remarkable immunity against viruses and pathogens lurking in the winter. Hence the importance of adding this food in the daily diet during the coldest months of the year. In addition to vitamins , minerals containing oranges and have a powerful antioxidant and substances.
Depending on the use to which they are intended , there are different varieties of oranges : juice , for direct consumption or concentrate in juices caramelize packaged . In most cases , orange citrus is one of the most used by consumers to ingest in the form of fresh juice, thanks to the promotion of beneficial qualities for health involved . Your calorie intake is negligible (about 70 calories per piece of fruit ), although the amount varies according to size. The orange can be eaten as a snack between meals , as a dessert , in salads or cheese dishes companion . In addition , the pulp is also used in sauces , smoothies or making biscuits. In short , it is a widely used food with beneficial properties for the body and slim .
Oranges in juice or in part
Consumption of orange juice has gained much popularity among the population worldwide . The same applies to fruit juice concentrates , for its easy and quick to prepare , simply serve to consume. Regarding the nutritional value of both juices, the natural and the concentrated nutrition is always freshly squeezed juice . The concentrates undergo various processes that weaken the nutritional properties of fresh fruit. Consume whole oranges or juice ensures the dose of vitamin C that the body needs . However, there are some differences between a form and another .
The amount of fiber in the juice is 1.5 grams whereas in the entire piece is 2.5 grams.
First, the fiber concentration is different. Since this is located in the skin and pulp of the orange , and the skin is not eaten , the fiber contribution lies in its pulp. Therefore, orange juices lack fiber , compared to the entire piece , because in most cases the pulp is discarded . It is estimated that the amount of fiber in juice is 1.5 grams whereas in the entire piece is 2.5 grams. White skin covering the nut is the most fibrous , so if you consume whole should carefully peel the orange and remove this surface layer . The satiating power of orange varies also be consumed whole or in juice. It is a factor related to the amount of fiber , as this plays a role filling. Therefore, more satisfied taking the whole piece in juice.
The same applies to the absorption of sugars . Fiber helps slow the absorption of sugars , which prevents insulin spikes and the urge to eat a few hours . Therefore, the sugars in the orange juice is absorbed faster than fresh whole fruit . However, it has nothing to envy the juice to the entire piece . Its quick , easy and enjoyable consumption make this modality an excellent food to start the day.
Squeeze and consume
The natural power of orange is its antioxidant capacity , ie , preventing the damage caused by oxidation and , thus , helps prevent a lot of diseases and strengthen the immune system . In particular , vitamins C and E and carotenoids are the main antioxidant . To this is added recent studies confirm the detection of other compounds such as phenolics , with positive effects for the body.
Stresses the instability of vitamin C , as it degrades very quickly by the effect of air or light. For this reason , it is necessary the use of freshly squeezed orange juice , because it does not have time to vitamins to lose their properties and intact. If you keep the juice in the fridge , you can slow the loss of its antioxidant , although it is estimated that at most , keep their properties juices for 30 minutes in the refrigerator . Beyond this time, lose considerably.
It is harvested in autumn and winter, although today oranges are available throughout the year .
In addition to its antioxidant properties, has diuretic functions , preventive, curative and antirachitic .
Is rich in vitamin C , as well as vitamins A, B1, B2 and B9 as well as potassium, calcium and phosphorus.
It stimulates the nervous system, is effective against headaches , insomnia or cramps .
Ripe oranges are more easily digested , since most of the acid has been transformed into sugar.
It laxative for their fiber content .
Represents a rejuvenating food because of its antioxidant power .
Its content of folic acid (B9 ) helps the development of the fetus in pregnant women.
Orange Blossom Honey

The composition of orange blossom honey : it has a 75 % carbohydrates (fructose , glucose , dextrin ,
sucrose) , 20% water , essential amino acids , organic acids, minerals and trace elements (potassium , sodium, calcium , magnesium, iron , phosphorus, sulfur , chlorine ) of all vitamins except vitamin A, some enzymes
digestive , antibiotic substances and pollen.
Features orange blossom honey
Honey is produced by bees in the area of release
Spanish when liban orange blossoms , ie citrus flowers ,
mainly the lemon and orange . Has a high amount of sugars
that crystallize giving this product a high density . For this reason
orange blossom honey usually has a very strong texture .
The orange blossom honey keeps well without any product
added or preservation technique . Given their hardness , especially in environments
Fresh is very compact and is very difficult to implement. If we want to modify
its texture to make it more liquid can heat it in a double boiler without
the water temperature reaches 40 º C. When more liquid acquires
In general, it is a very natural honey , creamy, sweet
and good smell (smell of orange blossom scent )
Properties blossom honey
The University of Valencia ( Spain ) has been studied in
depth the characteristics of this type of honey . Besides all the
granted to honey properties in general has been found to honey
orange is especially soothing and relaxing. The specific properties of
this honey you are granted by the own properties of orange blossom
from which this honey bees produce .
Orange blossom honey is highly recommended to treat
physical abnormalities following : insomnia , anxiety , nervousness , etc. .
It is recommended to purchase unpasteurized because the process
pasteurisation reduces the properties of the same .
This honey can be added to milk or yogurt before going to
sleep , ensuring a more deep and restful sleep .
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